Test a Buy or Sell to see price movement based on current liquidity. Input a quantity below and the price shown at the bottom of the widget would be the token price after the transaction. This is an estimate based on the math used on uniswap. Learn more about this here. Initial liquidity taken from here.

How does the liquidity pool affect the price when trades are made?

Try some buying and selling with different total liquidity in the Uniswap pool and see how different liquidity depths affects the price delta or volatility.

Set to 5m total liquidity or 125m total liquidity then click buy or sell to test different values and see variation from the peg. Note that by clicking those liquidity buttons this widget no longer represents live ESD data - refresh to reset to the live data.


Price before tx:

Price after tx:

Average price paid: -

Liquidity before trade

Liquidity after trade